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Opensource KNX compatible modules

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Knixx houses all our research and trials into opensource KNX compatible modules.

knixx SW4

Our first development board is a 4 or 6 button KNX compatible switch which fits in an Niko (system 45) housing. This form factor is very common in Belgium whilst other parts of Europe use system 55. The board is designed around the ON Semiconductor NCN5121 KNX Transceiver and a STMicroelectronics STM32F070C6T6 Cortex-M0 Microcontroller. The 4 switch variant provides options to add a Sensirion SHT20 humidity sensor a Panasonic EKMC1601113 motion sensor and a miniature AMS TSL2584TSV ambient light sensor. The board features a Micro USB connector on the back for configuration purposes.

Top 3D render of the 4 switch variant with sensors

knixx_SW4_00_top 4SW version

Top 3D render of the 6 switch variant

knixx_SW4_00_top 6SW version

Bottom 3D render


knixx ???

What's next? A system 55 version? Actuators?