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A combination of the ESP8266 and some LPD6803 based LEDs

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Jellyfish is an implementation of our LPD6803 driver for the ESP8266 combined with a MQTT client.

Example Schematic


At the heart of Jellyfish there's an ESP12E module combined with a TXB0106 and many options for sensors. The board we're using is the ESP12_DEV board. DEV Board

The pixels used in Jellyfish feature a LPD6803 IC paired with 4 RGB LEDs each to improve the pixel brightness. The pixels are arranged in a 8x8 configuration to create a large (approx. 1m by 1m) LED panel. the panel itself is fabricated using a thick 18mm piece of MDF wood for the back side, and 4mm thick MDF for the cross sections. The side panels and top panel will be made from opaque acryl.

Pixel Panel closeup



Thanks to the folks from the ESP8266 Community Forum we've been able to program the ESP12E using the Arduino IDE resulting in an easy to understand and easy to modify program.